Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 10

The winds were so strong yesterday that we spent most of the day hoping that the hab wouldn't blow over...or at least that we wouldn't lose the top hatch. The antennas arrived in the morning, but to my dismay it was too windy to launch the repeater. It wouldn't be worth damaging the equipment. The winds have slown a bit, so hopefully we can launch the repeater today and do a few quick EVA's to get repeater coverage.

We did test the battery with the solar charger and panel directly outside the hab on the trailer. We got battered with salt and sand as soon as we stepped out into engineering. One of the lenses of my sunglasses popped out, and I literally could not hold myself up against the wind. It made for some great pictures. Dan also did an EVA to check on the turbine. Billy spent the afternoon programming the rover and actually got it running. Very exciting to see!

It was a non-cooking day, so we had our last freeze-dried crap meal for dinner. It has not been decided yet, but the idea is that we come out of sim tomorrow afternoon or Friday morning so we have time to mail our equipment and clean the hab for the next crew. We will head back to Grand Junction on Saturday afternoon once the new crew gets it. I know we are all anxious to eat real food and use a toilet you don't have to pump, but I always get quite sad leaving this place.

Make sure to check out Billy's pictures!


"You don't make sense" -Jessica
"This sounds odd coming from a guy who's main project is a wind turbine, but I really wish it was less windy!"-Dan
"I'll put peanut butter on anything"-Billy

Hoping for less wind and more EVA action,

Crew 93- XO

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