Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 8

We have officially spent 1 week at the hab. The heat didn't come I on last night, so my usually quite tropical room was freezing and I couldn't get myself out of bed this morning. The others must feel the same, as Billy and I are still the only one's up, and we got a late start. It is to be 65 degrees today- I am so excited to see the sun come out! Billy and I will set off shortly to do another mapping EVA. Still no sight of my packages...makes testing the repeater, well, impossible.

Yesterday was extremely productive. After breakfast, Billy and I suited up to do Mapping EVA # 2. This time we traveled to Lithe Canyon, North of the hab. The ride was much more exciting this time, as it was a bunch of twists and swerves and up steep hills. I also switched to suit #3, which truly fit and didn't bounce during the ride. When we got back, Jessica, Dan and Eric set off to put the turbine back up. It was a quick EVA, so upon depressurizing and coming back into the hab, decided to go out for another EVA. It was made aware that Jessica and Dan had not yet been on an ATV EVA, so both members of the crew, accompanied by Chris and Eric, went out to explore Valles Marinaris. Dan must have been feeling particularly energetic, because he then set off to go check the voltage coming off the turbine. Billy and I had set up a study party while the others went out, as we have a ton of work to do before the week is out.

We made dinner, chicken primavera and mashed potatoes (ew non-cooking day) and decided to play some crew games. Jessica introduced "oink, piggy oink" where one member spins around with their eyes closed and then sits on the nearest member they can find (all blind). They ask for some animal noise, and try to figure out who said it. I was laughing too hard each time to actually get away with anything, so I got pulled up quite a bit. After we had had enough, we watched three episodes of firefly and passed out. Another successful day.


"Wait, Eric, are you not coming?"-Jessica
"Yeah, I am, I just gotta go take my pants off first"-Eric

"Chris, we're shaking our booties out here!"-Jillian
"I'm OK"-Chris

Plans for today:
Mapping EVA #3
Turbine Work

1 week left!

Crew 93-XO

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