Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 7

Shower day!! Naturally, I'm in a great mood. We're having a ball out here. Non-cooking day, but not even that could bring me down. Billy and I are up earlier than the rest of the crew, discussing our EVA for today. Getting warmer out- supposed to be 70 tomorrow!

Yesterday marked the start of the radio coverage EVA's. I'll create another post with my research plan for those who are curious. I still haven't received my antennas, nor jpole, so we are just functioning on the direct radio station. Unfortunately, the coverage we get with this is merely line of sight, so it is difficult to stay in contact with the Hab. Billy is doing an EVA to map the roads around the hab, so he accompanies me to mark waypoints where we lose contact. I sure hope the rest of my equipment shows up so we can understand what kind of coverage the repeater can provide. We left the hab on ATV's and traveled North for 15 minutes, then headed west for about 25 minutes, and finally headed south. All in all, we were gone for two hours. My pack wasn't very tight, nor my helmet to the pack, so every time I hit a bump the whole system bounced and I have a few nice bruises on my nose and head. My back is still sore. Billy and I now are fighting over the best, tightest suits and packs to use today. Earlier in the morning, Jessica, Eric and Dan suited up and traveled up engineering hill by foot to take down the turbine so Dan could work on the failed component. They were quick, but commented that it was hard to walk in so much wind.

Billy and I returned about 1430 and settled in for lunch, an episode of firefly, and a nap. At 1800, the crew all met to initiate "Breakfast Day". Jessica and I took over the kitchen and made a huge stack of pancakes and hashbrowns with onions and some other rehydrated veggies. Since we had heard that it was to be clear, as soon as the sun set we all headed out to the pressurized tunnels to view Mars and other visible constellations. We decided that since we were on Mars, it must have been a reflection. :-p We came in about an hour later, and all grabbed sleeping bags to get comfy on the hab floor. Watched two episodes of firefly, did some bow recovering (grr) and went to bed shortly after about 0100.

Still no sign of "Squeak"...


"Did we find a raptor claw??" -Chris
"Kind of, but it is plastic and made by Crest"-Dan
"Oral-b, Dan!"-me

"I want a peacock fan!"-Chris

Plans for today:

Radio Coverage EVA 2
Mapping EVA 2
Turbine work
Rover work

Off to answer emails, keep em coming! :)

Crew 93-XO

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